Hallo, this is Iceland

Hella, Iceland

Awesome story of how Iceland is using social media to rebuild its tourism industry – and getting the president heavily involved.


This has to be one of the greatest tumblrs ever made:

“There are many towns on me where humans live. One of them is called “Hella”. I have noticed that many humans think this is a clever name, and take photographs of the sign that says “Hella”.

I do not know why they do this.

Bless bless,
– Iceland.”


Occupy 2.0

The WSJ on how the Occupy movement is going beyond social media and developing new media – including video streaming, mapping and DIY its owns wi-fi networks.


Unpacking Kony 2012

Ethan Zuckerman of MIT’s Center for Civic Media gives one of the most sensible analyses of the Kony 2012 phenomenon I’ve read so far.


Mission Control, Built for Cities

Great piece on I.B.M.’s ‘Smarter Cities’ concept, being used in Rio de Janeiro – and run by Bangalore-born Guru Banavar. Imagine if we could do something similar in India.