Occupy 2.0

The WSJ on how the Occupy movement is going beyond social media and developing new media – including video streaming, mapping and DIY its owns wi-fi networks.



Soundcloud -> radio, for democracy

Soundcloud has always been a great platform, and it’s now one of three platforms being used by an Open Society initiative to create radio stations across West Africa. According to this story, West Africa Radio for Democracy is taking a BBC/NPR style approach to programming, airing investigative pieces and regular news. The use of streaming services mean that radio’s extensive reach can be harnessed at a much lower cost.


How to live on Rs 100 per day

A former investment banker and an MIT computer science graduate try to live on Rs 100 ($2.04) per day.


Why Britain is not a ‘broken’ society

A piece I wrote for the Mumbai foreign policy think tank Gateway House on Britain’s response to the London Riots.

Explanations for the riots in England must go deeper than the easy targets of race, consumerist greed, and the socio-economic environment. It is necessary to understand the way socially-wired youth approached the riots as an opportunity for consequence-free action.